How we Work.


Complete service of relocation and immigration outsourcing



Complete service of relocation and immigration outsourcing in Turin and Milan, Italy.
From budget definition to the cost control.
For People, Institutions, HR corporate companies.

We are attentive and respectful of corporate policy and care about people’s needs

We take care of our Client’ s partner and family in order to allow them to a better lifestyle and deal immediately with their own activities, get used to the place and enjoy their new experience while discovering Turin or Milan and our country.

We keep our commitments creating the basis for a successful experience.
We cooperate with suppliers who have been chosen by severe evaluation methods. Their work is constantly evaluated to make sure that their outcomes are always exceeding expectations.


Homebase is a Language School Istitute authorized by Ministero delle Pubblica Istruzione.

Teachers mother tongue, have a long experience in teaching English and Italian to foreigners; many of them have worked for Italian or foreign universities or are provided with Certifications as a L2 obtained from the Ca’ Foscari di Venezia and università degli studi di Padova e Siena with certification like CeltaTefl o Master in Teaching




Satisfy your needs and make your dreams come true. Your new home

Italian for Foreigners

Start learning Italian. Homebase is a Language School


English language at any Level


To those people who work in multinational situation characterized by cultural differences