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Homebase works with companies and individuals providing services to foreign people who will spend some time in Italy for business, leisure or learning,

Homebase is a Language School Istitute authorized by  Ministero delle Pubblica Istruzione.   Scopri di più

Teachers mother tongue, have a long experience in teaching Italian to foreigners; have worked for Italian or foreign universities and many of them are provided with Certifications as a L2 obtained from the Ca’ Foscari di Venezia e le università degli studi di Padova e Siena

Exams Preparation  CELI e CILS.  Scopri di più

Learning Italian for Foreigners in a traditional way or in videoconference on a cutting edge platform.

Individual courses or group lessons assisted by our teachers and with the support of “expert systems” that allow a quick learning.

– Study when you want and exercise with the platform.
– Easy and intuitive method

The platform is provided with more than 1600 exercises, almost 800.000 sentences and vocabulary words that the student might use to practice and improve his/her capability in speaking Italian. Our teachers are able to verify the learning process of the students by seeing the results of their exercises.

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Italian Language

Italian is actually the forth language taught as L2 in the world

Translations Interpreting

Experienced professionals Translator and interpreters

Exams Preparation



To those people who work in multinational situation characterized by cultural differences