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Everyone dreams of being a good communicator. Some are naturally gifted for this, others can learn the skill by using the right words for the right situation, by adjusting their voice, pausing where appropriate and establishing a rapport with the audience.

Business writing: Clarity, precision, synthesis and style are basic elements of communication. E-mails, orders, letters, messages and requests all contain specific information which needs to be clear to the reader and well-presented in order to be understood. The course focusses on the different stages that lead to efficient production, as well as on word-selection criteria and strategies that can be used to engage readers.

English for executives: this course is for executives who have a good level of English and need to deal with specific vocabulary, with particular reference to negotiations, presentations and contracts.

English for secretaries: Course organized and structured to provide secretaries with necessary skills needed to manage common working situations and improve their productive and communicative abilities. The course includes phone call English etiquette, correspondence, preparing reports, greetings, scheduling of appointments, hospitality, identification of visitor’s needs, notions of business etiquette in the different countries and useful vocabulary.

Business English: With the dependence on trade outside Italy’s borders increasing it is becoming mandatory for companies to communicate in the international language of Business English in order to stay competitive. Basic English is not sufficient in many cases without additional instruction and learning about the structure, and terms, required to be proficient with your communication in English at work.

Technical English: these courses cover different areas, and aim at improving English for specific purposes

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