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Homebase Language School.
Institute authorized by the Ministry of Public Education.




Specialized in organizing and realization of Language courses for companies and institutions of every sector and size.
Particularly focused on teaching Italian for Foreigners and English at any level addresses to those people who live and work in multinational situation or places characterized by cultural differences like expats.


Teachers mother tongue, have a long experience in teaching Italian to foreigners; have worked for Italian or foreign universities. Provided with Certifications as a L2 obtained from the Ca’ Foscari di Venezia and università degli studi di Padova and Siena or Celta, Tefl o Master in Teaching. 




Our Language courses, individual or in groups, are held in the main European and extra European Languages and their frequency and duration can be agreed together.
Our experienced school coordinator prepares tailor made programs and material.

We prepare a personalized program finalized to maximize the learning process of the student. This plan aims to focus on the client’s needs and his improvement is continually monitored through the constant support, counselling, planning, verification and reporting to the training manager of the company. The process begins after having analyzed the language level of the student through a placement test and a first essential interview with the student.

Learning Italian for Foreigners in a traditional way or in videoconference on a cutting edge platform.

Individual courses or group lessons assisted by our teachers and with the support of “expert systems” that allow a quick learning.

– Study when you want and exercise with the platform.
– Easy and intuitive method

The platform is provided with more than 1600 exercises, almost 800.000 sentences and vocabulary words that the student might use to practice and improve his/her capability in speaking Italian. Our teachers are able to verify the learning process of the students by seeing the results of their exercises.



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To those people who work in multinational situation characterized by cultural differences

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