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People are different but the same everywhere in the world; it all depends on how abstract or how detailed one looks at things.

It is essential to realize that people belonging to different cultures may communicate among themselves and identify cultural infrastructures and guidelines that can be an inspiration for those who come from different backgrounds. In this way they can have a can-do attitude, act quickly and effectively with their environment.
Seeing the potential of correlation and drawing on the importance of diversity is the international challenge we must deal with because differences are important. By studying other cultures people can learn more about themselves through learning about others, it helps enhancing people’s skills, helps appreciate other cultures through presenting them under an objective light, assists in developing a sense of mutual understanding between people by underlining common ground.

Cross Cultural Communication The courses are set on the base of useful information and suggestion related to the acting cultures, the diversities, the hospitality and most of all the communication in all its forms.
The courses are for individuals or groups of people who develop or will develop with our towns and our territory, cultural, professional, and social relations.
The courses are also great for those who work in multinational or multicultural contexts: these courses help them understanding why Italy works in this way, life conditions in the area, how to build social/work relationships, etiquette, entertainment, life style, how to get the most out of their experience and how to manage cultural shock.

The cross-cultural trainings are also for those people who work, travel, or will live abroad and for foreigners who have been transferred/will transfer to Italy.
Some of the topics analyzed are:
-cultural competence by analyzing different cultural patterns
-intercultural communication problems
-body language and proxemics
-teaching social skills and habits to reduce cultural misunderstandings.
-comparison between cultures



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