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We work and supports Human Resource/Global Mobility offices
providing relocation services and, language training
for People, individuals, Institutions or Corporate company.




Homebase is a team of highly qualified professionals with individual specialist knowledge. We live in the area and have been working here for over 20 years; our technical knowledge and all the relationships we have built during this time place us in a prime position

HomeBase works and supports Human Resource/Global Mobility offices of some of the most important international companies providing relocation services and language training for their employees/expats. Homebase works with individuals, companies and institutions in Milan and in Turin, Italy, providing services to foreigners and students who have or will have professional, social or cultural relationships with the territory.



Homebase is a School of languages an Institution of Languages authorized by the Italian Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione particularly focused on teaching Italian for Foreigners and English at any level.

Teachers, with Celta, Delta or Tefl certificatesare, are professionals with years of experience in teaching English, . The Director of Studies monitors their work.

We are attentive and respectful of corporate Policy and care about people’s needs.Siamo attenti e rispettosi delle corporate policies e sensibili alle necessità delle persone e delle loro famiglie.

We take care of our Client’ s partner and family in order to allow them to a better lifestyle and deal immediately with their own activities, get used to the place and enjoy their new experience while discovering Turin or Milan and our country.




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Start learning Italian. Homebase is a Language School


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To those people who work in multinational situation characterized by cultural differences